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The Art is the Writing
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16th-Feb-2011 06:50 am - Comic for February 15, 2010
Lio - Have you hugged?

Someone forgot to post comics... Sorry!
21st-Feb-2007 04:50 pm - a short word from the mods...
Lio Bad Spider
Confused Reader: "Hey, why is it that I cannot see the posts, only this entry?"
misery_chick: "Easy, you didn't join, you're just watching the community. Try -->this<-- link, and it should work."
Confused Reader: "Ah, thank you, now I can enjoy my daily dose of Lio!"
misery_chick and madmarty: "That's what we're here for!"

(sorry for the clutter, watchers-- this is hopefully the last time we'll post this) :P
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