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The Art is the Writing

Moderated Lio Daily

Moderated Lio Daily
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A Lio strip every day, brought directly to your friends page!
Welcome to the Moderated Lio Feed! This is a community dedicated to the pantomime comic called "Lio," created and drawn by Mark Tatulli. We do our best to post every day, and you are welcome to discuss/praise/criticize it to whatever end. We also LOVE creative icons from the strips, so have at them. Just keep discussion civil, please. If you have any questions, you can e-mail the mods at madmarty@livejournal.com or misery_chick@livejournal.com and we will respond promptly. Thanks!

Since this community is still relatively new, we really need help promoting it, to increase readership and bring some interesting discussion here. Please help us raise the number of members in this community! Tell your friends!

Effective immediately, you will need to join the community in addition to watching it, if you want to see the posts. Adding it to your friends list is not enough! You can join by clicking the link at the top of this page, or simply by clicking here.

We are also the moderators of the new Mutts community, available at mutts_strips. If you have not seen it before, go check it out! There are a lot of animal comics out there, and I love many of them, but Mutts almost always takes the prize for being most adorable.

Finally, we tag the posts daily according to common themes; a list of the tags can be reached here.

The community's layout can be found here and was made by crownedlily at tears_of_ruby. All edits were made by misery_chick.
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